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Paying or appealing citations

Citations can only be paid online at WVU's parking portal.

Follow these steps to pay or appeal your citation (you will need your citation number and license plate number):

  • Click on "Account"
  • Click "Search Citations"
  • You can click on appeal or pay the citation
    • Appeal
      • Click "Appeal" then enter your license plate number and confirm
      • You may have to use your Login ID and Password
      • You can look at the pictures of the violation
      • Click that you have read and understand the above statement and click "NEXT"
      • Fill out the drop down boxes to explain the appeal
      • Click "Submit"
    • Pay Citation
      • Click on "add to basket" to pay your citation
      • Scroll to down and click "pay now"

Grounds for appeal

If you wish to appeal your citation, please know that the following ARE NOT considered grounds for appeal:

  • permit was in my other car
  • lack of available or close parking
  • unfamiliarity with University parking rules and regulations
  • short time in violation area
  • failure to observe posted signs
  • class/instruction ran late
  • anyone other than Parking Services or University Police directed you to park in violation area
  • non-receipt of the citation(s)


If you have not paid your citations, there will be a hold placed on your account and you will not be able to register for classes, receive transcripts or renew your parking permit.

Holds on your account due to parking citation will be removed approximately one hour after payment is received. 


If you should have questions about parking enforcement, operations and citations, please contact Facilities Management by email at or by phone at 304.929.0325.